Monday, March 21, 2011

Tools Checklist

Before we get further let check our list of tools that we need to make papercraft. I got some tips from paper toy adventures for the right tools to make those lovely papercraft.

Let's see what do we have here.

1. craft knife or a cutter - checked! maybe I'll buy a new one next time around. cost me rm3.50

2. scissors - got one for rm1.80

3. adhesive - checked! forget the brand but it's really okay. I bought it around rm6 in Bintulu last year.

4. tweezers - got two different kind of tweezers that I bought for rm2 each.

5. self healing mat - I bought it for rm9.60 if I'm not mistaken.

6. steel ruler - haven't get this one yet but I will. I just use ordinary plastic ruler before.

7. old credit cards etc. - this is for folding but I use airtime reload cards usually. :)

8. pen / pencil - got my favorite mechanical pencil which been using since 2005.

9. 120 gsm (32 lb) paper stock - good for quick papercraft making. just bought it today for rm3.20. Yay!

10. printer - brother DCP-165C.

Those are the list from paper toy adventures. Couldn't find tools any better than this. I even got a small box for these tools. Cheer!

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