Sunday, March 27, 2011

WIP : Transformers Series - Optimus Prime.

"My name is Optimus Prime. We are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron."

A quote by the famous Optimus Prime in one of the Transformers movie. Prime was one of my favorite Autobots other than Bumblebee. And for this Transformers series, I would make my own template which I modified from the Contender Template from papertoys adventures.

I still don't know which Prime that I want to build whether the movie themed or the cartoon themed Prime.

Movie themed?

or Cartoon themes?

or this CGI Cartoon themed?

I'm a bit busy right now so I'll skip this series to a little easier one such as Best XI or maybe the Kai Lone Wolf series, i guess?

That's all for this WIP. Catch up with you all later!

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